"Feels Like the Alps"

Satisfied guest Zoran Radovanović, Google reviews

…but you are not there, instead, you find yourself in a small mountain village, surrounded by exceptional landscapes where nature uniquely reciprocates all the respect humans give it, offering harmony in return, which is palpable with every step…

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Since 2019

Single-Day Bookings Are Becoming Scarcer as We Speak

After one night, guests wish they had... stayed one more day!

Says our host Romana

Complete enjoyment awaits you.

Fully equipped for an unforgettable stay.






Swimming pool

Parking lot


We respect the natural peace

Chirping of nightingales, a gentle breeze, and beautiful natural landscapes.

Across the street from the house is the Monastery “Malo Središte”, which gives a special touch of tranquility to the whole environment.

Food options

Cook at Home or Delivery


Throughout the year, a grill is available to you, with prepared firewood, charcoal, and fire starters.


Guests love our kitchen because it stands out from the usual apartment kitchens in that it is fully equipped. There are spices, a toaster, an oven, all dishes, a microwave and more.


If you opt for food delivery, we highly recommend the restaurants ‘Etno Kuća Dinar’ and ‘De Ferro Brasil,’ whose phenomenal menus are available at the house.”

"Furniture fused with nature"

Handcrafted furniture made from natural materials completely immerses you in our rustic ambiance.

So cozy inside, our guests forget the world outside

But surely you will love these beauties — we promise that.

Wake up to the monastery bells

By April, all bookings are full until October, so fill out the information quickly!

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